1. Overcoming anxiety

    Do worry, stress, and fear make it hard for you to function? Are anxious thoughts getting in the way of your sleep? Does anxiety prevent you from doing what you really want in life and achieving your potential? If you want to live a more calm and peaceful life, then it may be time to consider couns…Read More

  2. Get relief from panic attacks

    Did you have a sudden, unexplained panic attack? A panic attack can feel like a heart attack. Not knowing what triggers or helps with panic attacks can make everyday life intimidating. Are you avoiding everyday tasks such as going out, driving, or work, in case another panic attack hits you while y…Read More

  3. What underlies your addiction? Consider trauma/PTSD

    J.D. Murphy has published an article on Psychology Everywhere, discussing how many people turn to addiction and addictive behaviors to cope with symptoms of PTSD, especially childhood trauma. He writes,  Adverse childhood experiences (ACE) is a term used to describe every type of childhood trauma …Read More

  4. Get out of your slump and stop feeling depressed

    Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the mornings? Do you never want to leave your house? If you want to get out of your slump and don’t want to feel sad anymore, therapy can help. Therapy for depression offers you support so that you can get out of your slump and embrace your life. Depres…Read More

  5. Sensation Seekers: When Boredom Intolerance Becomes Pathological

    Everyone has ups and downs in life, times we are happy and times we are sad. We all go through periods of productivity and times of boredom. Wanting a successful and productive life is a healthy and normal desire. There are some however, that can not handle the everyday, mundane realities that exist…Read More

  6. Do addicts have a choice?

    The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) has re-defined what it means to have an addiction. "At its core, addiction isn't just a social problem or a moral problem or a criminal problem. It's a brain problem whose behaviors manifest in all these other areas," said Dr. Michael Miller, past pr…Read More

  7. What is your God-given temperament?

    Temperament therapy is a powerful form of counseling, developed to provide more effective and immediate results within a Christian framework. It is based on the insight that each person is born with an innate temperament that cannot be removed, but can be obscured or distorted by living in a way tha…Read More

  8. Help for addiction to pornography is available in Pineville, Louisiana and Alexandria, Louisiana.

    My spouse is addicted to pornography or sex

    If your spouse is addicted to pornography or to sex, help is available. Have you noticed behaviors of addiction in your spouse? You may have noticed that your spouse's changed behavior is negatively affecting your relationship, and may even be causing trouble outside of your home. If your spouse h…Read More

  9. Is your marriage on the skids?

    If the songwriter Chuck Prophet describes your marriage accurately, "Marriage on the skids", it may be time to reach out for help with JD Murphy. Marriage on the skids And the folks ain't doing well We're holding on, we're holding on… Lyrics by Chuck Prophet (more…)…Read More

  10. What is temperament therapy?

    Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart  Jeremiah 1:5 Why do I act the way I do? Many have asked themselves this question, but fewer find the answer. Without the ability to understand their inner springs of motion, many of us wander in darkness, yearning to …Read More