Help for addiction to pornography is available in Pineville, Louisiana and Alexandria, Louisiana.If your spouse is addicted to pornography or to sex, help is available. Have you noticed behaviors of addiction in your spouse?

You may have noticed that your spouse’s changed behavior is negatively affecting your relationship, and may even be causing trouble outside of your home.

If your spouse has an addiction to sex or pornography, please call now or fill out the contact form and click Send. Help is available – just reach out!

Help for sex or pornography addiction

In therapy, your spouse can find the causes behind their compulsive behaviors, and how to control them. J.D. Murphy can help your spouse manage accompanying problems, such as anxiety or depression, that may contribute to an addiction to sex or pornography. Your spouse can learn to change their behaviors and maintain your relationship and family life.

I also provide support for family members – and often work with you and other family members on how addiction affects you and what you can do to support your relationship and yourself.

Our counseling techniques

J.D. Murphy uses a number of evidence-based therapy techniques, including cognitive behavioral therapy, that we tailor individually to your spouse’s needs. Your relationship has a future and addiction doesn’t have to hold you apart.

Get started by calling us today or just fill out the form and click Send. J.D. Murphy offers addiction treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, gambling addiction, addiction to sex, and addiction to pornography.